Awarding Organisation

The purpose of the Awarding Organisation Committee (AO) is to support and provide the Board with assurance and independent judgement that the AO remains compliant with the general conditions/principles of regulation as stipulated by the regulators, and to add value and guide the Awarding Organisations directorial / management in achieving its remit within our strategy and business plan. 

The members of the AO are appointed by the board in accordance with the terms of reference.

They primarily monitor and evaluate the Awarding Organisation’s policies and processes, review the Qualification Report, Self-Evaluation report and Statement of Compliance and prepare an annual report to the Board, that includes any recommendations regarding the Awarding Organisation’s ability to maintain its compliance with the General Conditions of Recognition.

The current IWFM Awarding Organisation Committee is made up of the following member volunteers:

Peter Wren, Chair
Anne Harper, Committee Member
Fraser Talbot, Head of Professional Development IWFM

The full role and Terms of Reference of the Awarding Organisation Committee are detailed in the Board Regulations, and can be found below.

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Awarding Organisation Committee Terms of Reference