Membership Advisory Group

The Membership Advisory Group is primarily responsible for contributing to the review and formulation of strategy in relation to the Membership for consideration by the Board, and in the administration of governance matters in relation to the Membership. It advises the Board of the customer needs in the area of membership, via the feedback of the Sigs & Regional committees, and supports our head office in creating services to respond to those needs.

It advises the Board on the membership grade and fee structure and supports head office in determining the criteria for each grade, for the consideration of the Board.

This Committee is also the line of appeal on Membership matters including Member Grade Assessment appeals and has the power to make a decision on the appeal of unsuccessful applicants for membership, or for elevation to a higher grade. 

This Group is made up from elected members of Members Council, and its composition is as follows:

Membership Advisory Group table

The current Membership Advisory Committee is made up of the following member volunteers:

Sue Gott, Chair 
Sandy McNaughton, Committee Member
Chris Moriarty, Director of Insight 
Marilyn Standley, Committee Member and Board Representative
Mark Whittaker, Committee Member

The full role and Terms of Reference of the Membership Advisory Group are detailed in the Board Regulations, and can be found below.

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Membership Advisory Group Terms of Reference


Mrs Susan Gott