• To develop a procurement strategy that is aligned to the organisation’s strategic objectives.
  • To develop specifications to use and manage contracts in accordance with the business requirements whilst ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation.
  • To identify suppliers, manage and review on-going supplier relationships.
  • To establish clear selection criteria and manage performance against stated criteria creating value for the organisation.


FM functional area components:


  • To develop and implement a facilities management procurement strategy.
  • To identify and select suppliers following robust and transparent selection criteria.
  • Acquire products or services and understand and manage the whole supply chain.
  • Ensure alignment to the organisation’s corporate objectives by measuring quality vs. price vs. risk so that best value for the company is achieved.

Contract Management

  • To identify, use and manage different types of contracts.
  • To develop specifications and terms and conditions for the procurement of goods and/or services and to manage the costs of the contract.
  • To gather data and analyse feedback to monitor performance of the contract.
  • To comply with relevant legislation and manage stakeholder relationships.


Career level Procurement Contract Management
Strategic Develops a procurement strategy and policies Develops a contract management policy, criteria and supplier performance management framework
Senior Leads bidding and tendering processes and evaluates the effectiveness of a procurement strategy Evaluates the effectiveness of suppliers and ensures value for money from contracts
Manager Manages the procurement of products or services Agrees client requirements and manages contracts and performance
Supervisory Raises purchase orders for products, services and supplies Monitors contractors to ensure effective delivery of contracts
Support Raises purchase orders for products, services and supplies Carries out contract management tasks as directed



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