• To influence building design, manage and maintain property and assets to meet the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • To be cognizant of the legal stakeholders and to comply with the key legislation.
  • To optimise space and manage its effective use to meet immediate and future needs of a business, while taking into account environmental issues and thereby complying with the organisation’s corporate social responsibility statement.


FM functional area components:

Building Maintenance

  • To analyse the maintenance implications associated with different building structures.
  • To develop, implement and review the strategies for building use, building services and control systems in a range of facilities management contexts.
  • To manage and monitor maintenance programmes. Evaluate and use different management systems and technologies available.

Property and Asset Management

  • To collect and use data to identify the size of an estate.
  • To use that information to plan and manage the property portfolio, aligned to strategic objectives and is compliant with relevant legislation.
  • To manage property costs and develop, maintain and review asset registers.
  • To influence building design to ensure a safe and efficient workplace is created.

Space Management

  • To develop and implement a strategy for space, optimising its use while taking into account environmental issues.
  • To prepare briefs for space layout, implement changes and assess feasibility of new developments, balancing costs vs. benefits.
  • To develop strategies for introducing alternative ways of working or the need to change the use of accommodation.


Career level Building Maintenance Property and Asset Management Space Management
Strategic Develops a maintenance strategy for a property portfolio Influences the development of a corporate estate strategy Influences the development of a strategy for the use of the internal space of a corporate estate
Senior Manages and reviews the implementation of a maintenance strategy Develops an operational plan for the use of property and assets Creates a space management plan for a corporate estate
Manager Manages maintenance contracts and programmes Manages the implementation of plans for the use of property and assets, ensuring the fitness for purpose of properties Implements and reviews a space management plan for a building or group of buildings
Supervisory Supervises maintenance tasks within a maintenance programme Supervises the deployment of fixed assets and updates fixed asset registers Supervises the tasks needed to fulfil a space management plan
Support Carries out maintenance tasks as directed Carries out tasks relating to the supply and use of fixed assets as directed
Carries out tasks as directed to achieve the space management plan



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