• To establish a strategy for the delivery of facilities management that is aligned to the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • To be instrumental in controlling key aspects of the organisation’s corporate social responsibility policies and its impact on the external environment.
  • To establish and implement policies that explain and demonstrate what is expected of the facilities team.


FM functional area components:

Facilities Management Strategy

  • To understand the influences and drivers within a business.
  • To develop and implement a facilities management strategy, aligned to the organisation’s strategic objectives, which provides a detailed plan for achieving success in - the delivery of the facilities management function.
  • To understand the relationship between both the organisation and the facilities management strategies, and how to effectively communicate these.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • To develop and implement a strategy to deliver facilities management services which are aligned to an organisation’s corporate social responsibility statement. This sets out an organisation’s impact on society, and should demonstrate where the business seeks to integrate social, environmental, ethical human rights and customers’ rights into its core operation.

Facilities Management Policy

  • To develop, implement and review policies which set out the details and the level of service for the delivery of the facilities management function
  • To ensure policies are aligned with an organisation’s business plan
  • To monitor the future direction of facilities management and ensure policies are fit for purpose for a dynamic industry.
  • To ensure all policies reflect relevant legislation.


Career level
Facilities Management Strategy Corporate Social Responsibility Facilities Management Policy
Strategic Leads the development of a facilities management strategy that enables a business to achieve its overall strategic objectives Influences the development of a corporate social responsibility and sustainability strategy Evaluates the coherence and fitness for purpose of facilities management policies to deliver the strategy and meet legislative requirements
Senior Establishes processes and procedures that enable the implementation of a facilities management strategy Analyses the scope and impact of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, developing policies that optimise business opportunities Develops, manages and reviews facilities management policies
Manager Implements and evaluates a facilities management strategy, recommending adaptations to meet changing circumstances Optimises opportunities to promote and integrate sustainable and socially responsible facilities management activities into business practice Implements facilities management policies and procedures
Supervisory Monitors operational performance, reporting on progress and recommending improvements to processes and procedures Complies with corporate social responsibility and sustainability policies in facilities management activities Contributes to the implementation of facilities management policies and procedures
Support Understands the purpose of a strategy and carries out operational tasks as directed

Understands the need for responsible and sustainable facilities management practices

Understands the purpose of policies and carries out operational tasks as directed



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