• To recognise and address the importance of sustainability and environmental issues and how facilities management impacts on these issues.
  • To develop and implement policies that protect the environment, support corporate social responsibility and improve awareness.
  • To review policies to reflect changes in legislation.
  • To analyse and improve energy and utility efficiency.


FM functional area components:

Energy Management

  • To develop, implement and review an organisation’s energy management policy and ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
  • To influence the reduction of consumption of electricity, gas and water in buildings.
  • To measure and monitor energy consumption against targets, thereby reducing cost and increasing efficiency.
  • To influence the reduction of an organisation’s carbon footprint.

Environmental Management

  • To develop, implement and review policies that protect the environment and comply with relevant legislation.
  • To improve environmental awareness among key stakeholders and introduce behaviour change programmes which support the corporate social responsibility statement of an organisation.
  • To review and influence the impact of the facilities management functions on an organisation plus the wider community.


Career level Energy Management Environmental Management


Influences an energy and water management strategy and evaluates its impact Influences the development of a sustainable environmental management strategy and policies
Senior Controls and conserves energy and water to reduce the impact of facilities management activities on the environment Implements the environmental strategy and evaluates its impact on an organisation
Manager Audits energy and water usage and promotes their efficient use Manages systems to ensure that environmental standards are met and adopts sustainable practices
Supervisory Monitors and reports on the use of energy and water Collects, analyses and reports information on environmental and waste management issues
Support Collects data on energy and water usage Complies with organisational environmental policies and procedures



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