The role of facilities management is to:

  • optimise the use of, and manage, workplaces in order to deliver the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • identify examples of best practice, assess emerging developments in business thinking and be able to present realistic plans for the introduction of new innovative ways of working.
  • optimise operational effectiveness, whilst ensuring compliance with key legislation and ensuring the workplace adapts to the changing needs of the organisation.

FM functional area components:

Sector Knowledge

  • To understand the role and scope of facilities management, its function within organisations and the wider community.
  • To acknowledge that facilities management is pivotal if organisations are to operate safely, efficiently and effectively while complying with relevant legislation.
  • To understand the structure of organisations and how the functions, culture and processes affect the delivery of facilities management

Information and Knowledge Management

  • To collect, analyse and use data to provide information and utilise the knowledge acquired to ensure that the workplace fully supports an organisation's strategic objectives.
  • To use the information and knowledge obtained to inform the decision making process and to drive innovation in the delivery of service.


Career level Sector Knowledge Information and Knowledge Management
Strategic Influences and promotes facilities management within and beyond the sector both nationally and internationally Develops knowledge management strategies and systems to support an organisation's strategic facilities management vision
Senior Understands the changing role, scope and impact of facilities management and influences developments and trends Manages the use of information and implements information systems to improve business performance
Manager Promotes the role, diversity and contribution of facilities management in the wider environment Analyses and interprets information to make business decisions
Supervisory Understands the role and importance of facilities management within an organisation Uses information to support facilities management operations
Support Understands the structure of facilities management within an organisation Collects information to support facilities management operations


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