13 January 2021 12pm – 1pm Webinar Online


*Please note, this is a re-run of the webinar from Wednesday 10 June 2020.

Join us and a variety of expert guests for our regular webinar series, 'Navigating turbulent times', where we delve into today’s greatest challenges, tackle your questions and concerns, and help our profession navigate through these stormy waters.

‘Navigating turbulent times’ episode nine: Marcus Child on ‘Leading for resilience and resourcefulness post-COVID-19’

Register your place now for a re-run of episode nine of ‘Navigating turbulent times' when award-winning speaker Marcus Child joins IWFM’s Head of Research and Insight, Peter Brogan, to take your questions and discuss ‘Leading for resilience and resourcefulness post-COVID-19’.

As workplace and facilities management professionals, we all have the capacity to lead, whether it’s by example or through managing teams. In this episode, the inspirational Marcus Child, who was keynote speaker at the IWFM Conference 2019, will urge professionals of all levels to adopt a reset mindset post-COVID-19 and share practical tactics on how to:

  • manage our state as leaders to achieve the role-modelling and decision-making that can change the tone and ultimately the game
  • apply FIRO-B principles of inclusion, control and openness to achieve a spirit of commitment, even when people are working remotely
  • enable and nurture a bright, positive, can-do soundtrack in our organisations, despite the external noise, fear and lack of composure
  • share insights into how to promote resilience.

Marcus speaking at the IWFM Conference 2019


COVID-19 gives leaders a chance to nurture agility, develop entrepreneurial thinking, and reset the culture in their business. It’s a moment to: role model the true values; find new high performers; and galvanise teams into new ways of working.

We can seize this opportunity to exemplify composure and lead with deliberate calmness, grace and kindness. If we serve our people, customers and communities well, we can win fresh levels of engagement and respect - foundations for better business in the medium and long term.

You can submit your questions live during the webinar or email us ahead of time via: policy@iwfm.org.uk

Should you like to remain anonymous if we select your question for the broadcast, please type ‘ANON’ in caps at the start of your message.

Register your place now, get involved, and we will help you navigate these turbulent times.



Peter Brogan

Head of Research and Insight, IWFM

Peter is Head of Research and Insight at IWFM where he manages the research, insight and information that positions IWFM as the voice of workplace and facilities management. He manages the delivery and development of the Institute’s research and insight activities.

An influential Research specialist with unique experience and a sustained record of success in both the public and private sectors. Extensive background in diverse service organisations, managing complex research projects from inception to completion.

Marcus Child


Marcus has won 29 top awards, worked in 36 countries, and enjoyed 24 years of speaking to business leaders.

He inspires confidence, wholeheartedness and courage, and has an impressive reputation for helping thousands of members of hundreds of organisations embrace change positively and successfully. In thoroughly uplifting conversations with audiences, his work stirs resourcefulness in individuals, positivity between colleagues and trust between organisations and their customers.

Marcus’ emphasis on exploiting work as an opportunity for self-improvement as well as commercial success means that the new habits he trains are practised in the minds and relationships of people – at work and beyond – long after his programmes are complete.

He speaks in workshops and on conference platforms with pace, humour and exceptional energy. He has helped an astonishing number of CEOs, MDs, boards, business teams, sportspeople, politicians, teenagers and people living with health challenges realise bold and extraordinary goals.