5 August 2020 12pm – 1pm Webinar Online


Join us and a variety of expert guests for our new regular webinar series, 'Navigating turbulent times', where we delve into today’s greatest challenges, tackle your questions and concerns, and help our profession navigate through these stormy waters.

‘Navigating turbulent times’ episode 17: ‘Lockdown lessons to empower workplace change’ with Ricoh

Register your place now for ‘Navigating turbulent times’ episode 17 when we look at how the lockdown experience can be a catalyst for workplace leadership, insight and change in ‘Lockdown lessons to empower workplace change’ in partnership with Ricoh.

The ‘remote working experiment’ during COVID-19 has wrought tremendous strains on people and organisations, but it has also allowed for a re-think on what we want our workplaces to be in the future. Many eyes have been opened to the pros and cons of flexible working; we have also seen a huge cultural shift in our working practices that was unthinkable before social distancing measures came into place. There is now a real opportunity for creating lasting workplace change – but how to achieve it?

Join Ian Ellison, Director at 3edges, and Simone Fenton-Jarvis, Workplace Consultancy Director at Ricoh, as they look at how the guidance notes from IWFM’s ‘Creating better workplaces’ partnership with Ricoh can help you affect workplace change in a practical, sequenced way. They will also share real world examples of how the guidance has helped organisations to improve their workplaces. Hosting this episode is Peter Brogan, Head of Research and Insight at IWFM.

You can submit your questions live during the webinar or email us ahead of time via: policy@iwfm.org.uk

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If we cannot get to a question during the webinar, we will aim to answer as many as we can after the fact.



Peter Brogan

Head of Research and Insight, IWFM

Peter is Head of Research and Insight at IWFM where he manages the research, insight and information that positions IWFM as the voice of workplace and facilities management. He manages the delivery and development of the Institute’s research and insight activities.

An influential Research specialist with unique experience and a sustained record of success in both the public and private sectors. Extensive background in diverse service organisations, managing complex research projects from inception to completion.

Ian Ellison

co-founder and director, 3edges

Ian co-founded 3edges to help people think differently about the organisational value of workplace. With twenty years’ experience spanning workplace and facilities management practice and education, Ian has developed a reputation as an engaging facilitator and provocative speaker. He is passionate about the power of workplace to enable better business outcomes. Ian is co-founder and host of the Workplace Matters podcast and was also a key contributor to the Stoddart Review. Particularly interested in change leadership and workplace challenges within organisations, Ian has been involved in a range of commissions to help facilitate organisational performance improvement. Ian has published journal articles, papers and book chapters on a range of FM and workplace topics.

Simone Fenton-Jarvis

Workplace Services Consultancy Development Director, Ricoh

Simone is Workplace Consultancy Director at Ricoh and has over 13 years’ experience in FM and Workplace. Simone believes an organisation needs to put people first, and it’s this belief that has driven her initiatives and work within the industry. Simone is an advocate for lifelong learning, has completed an MBA in FM, is a keen reader, and a regular attendee at events. She is also a Fellow of IWFM and the vice-chair of the Workspace Special Interest Group. Her hope is to drive an industry where workplace FM is truly recognised as a key for all businesses.