16 September 2020 12pm – 1pm Webinar Online


Join us and a variety of expert guests for our new regular webinar series, 'Navigating turbulent times', where we delve into today’s greatest challenges, tackle your questions and concerns, and help our profession navigate through these stormy waters.

‘Navigating turbulent times’ episode 19: ‘Post-pandemic positivity around work and the workplace: in conversation with Bruce Daisley

Register your place now for ‘Navigating turbulent times’ episode 19 when Facilitate magazine Editor Martin Read talks to workplace culture expert, bestselling author and top business podcaster Bruce Daisley about the future of work and how we can create happier, more productive workplaces post-COVID-19.

Bruce Daisley once aided the rise of social media giants YouTube and Twitter as the world became increasingly digitally entwined; today, as a workplace culture commentator through his book ‘The Joy of Work’ and weekly podcast ‘Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat’, he’s on a mission to make work better.

In this one-on-one discussion, scheduled at a time when businesses are continuing to tentatively reopen their office doors, Facilitate Magazine’s Martin Read asks Bruce to sum up what fresh insight he’s picked up over these extraordinary last six months in his many conversations with scientists and experts.

What can we expect for the future of work post-pandemic? What are the drivers for improving work cultures and creating happier, healthier workplaces? How can teams thrive in a connected-yet-remote world? And how much of the change he’s been calling for over these past few years may just have become more possible as a result of the current crisis?

Join us Wednesday to find out more.

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Bruce Daisley

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Martin Read

Editor, Facilitate Magazine

Martin is an editor, writer and publishing project manager with more than twenty five years’ experience in the B2B, client publishing and membership organisation sectors. He’s worked with, or for, forward-minded publishers and organisations that need to add value for their audiences.

In 2011, he became editor of FM World - the news, debate and reference resource produced on behalf of the British Institute of Facilities Management. Both title and Institute have since changed names: FM World has become Facilitate Magazine, and it's now the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM).

Martin is also editor of The Planner, the magazine of the Royal Town Planning Institute, which was launched from scratch in 2013. Between them, these two titles represent more than 40,000 dedicated and dynamic professionals.