29 January 2020 5.30pm – 8.30pm Community Fareham, UK


Be it from a people, health and safety or sustainability perspective, air quality and wellbeing are now high-profile topics.

Research is also suggesting that adverse air quality is having more of an effect on us than we’ve previously thought, both indoors as well as outdoors.

Environmentally, air quality can be affected by emissions from our building and vehicles, as well as the products, furnishings and chemicals we use.

Always surrounded by it, but having little control over it, how can we assess the quality of indoor air we are providing our occupants and to what standards?

The truth is air quality is not only covered by a series of regulations and exposure values but delivering demonstrably good air quality is good for you and your employees too, be it wellbeing, productivity or environmental.

How might it be affecting you and your organisation? Come along and hear from Lauren Lee, Senior Consultant and Service Leader at Assurity Consulting, who will examine not only what the issues are but also look at what you could be doing to improve your workplace air quality and wellbeing.


The event will include the regional AGM and culminate in refreshments and networking. We have allowed for a maximum of 50 attendees for this exciting opportunity to gain knowledge and boost your CPD. 

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This evening is open to all, including non-members and we encourage you to invite friends and colleagues.

We would like to thank Specsavers for hosting this event and providing refreshments and our speaker for sharing her knowledge and experience.

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Lauren Lee

Senior Consultant and Service Leader, Assurity Consulting
Lauren is a specialist for water hygiene, Legionella management and indoor air quality assessments as well as Legionella Risk Assessments.