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Face-to-face training

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Immersive peer-to-peer learning, in a Covid-19 secure venue - upskill alongside your colleagues from the industry.

The safety of our attendees is priority at our training courses. We are working closely with Etc Venues to ensure we adhere to the latest government guidance regarding COVID-19. Likewise, we ask attendees to make sure they are following the latest guidelines in how to stop the spread of coronavirus when attending our training courses. For more information on the guidelines of COVID-19 please click here.



Is it for you?

This course is ideal for experienced or aspiring workplace professionals who want to have more informed, evidence-based conversations and improve their understanding of how to create better workspaces.

Whether you’re in FM, HR, organisational development, IT, consultancy, building design or a business owner, this course will provide new insights into the role workspace plays in organisations and reveal aspects of workspace design that tend to be overlooked or taken for granted.


What will you learn?

You will learn to think more critically about the impact workspace has on organisations and the factors that influence the nature and quality of workspaces. This is not a space planning or interior design course.

Upon completing this course, you will understand:

  • Why workspace is important and the factors that lead to good or bad workspaces
  • What you as a workplace practitioner can do to have a positive influence on the design of workspaces you are involved with or responsible for
  • How to think critically and ask the right questions during discussions about workspace design, and appreciate design alternatives and their relative merits

This course will help you to further your career as a workplace professional by giving you the practical skills and confidence to have more informed conversations about workspaces.


How long is it for?

This 1 day course in collaboration with workplace specialists 3edges complements Essentials of Workplace Leadership and Making Better Workplace Decisions using Data but can also be taken independently. Study time is equivalent to 7 CPD hours.

If you’ve already completed Essentials of Workplace Leadership or are keen to book several Workplace Leadership Programme courses together, contact us to obtain a discount.


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