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Is it for you?

If you're involved in finances and budgeting within your organisation, it's crucial that you understand how to build robust and relevant financial models to help your organisation make good business decisions. This course provides an introduction to financial modelling and the standards (FAST), exploring why and how financial models are developed and used to build a better business.


What will you learn?

While studying, you will assess case studies and complete a range of interactive and written tasks based on real-world examples.

Upon completion of this course, you will understand:

  • Using a financial model: What a financial model is, why businesses use them, the skills required to carry out financial modelling, and the possible risks involved.
  • The standards: What the standards are, how we use them, and the key characteristics of FAST and why it's significant.
  • Setting up a model: How to set up a model using a standard structure and create the relevant sheets, including an input, working and output sheet.
  • Concept diagrams: What concept diagrams are, why we use them and when we use them.
  • Building a calculation: How to identify what you're trying to model, the ingredients of building a calculation, how to lay out the calculation, operators you can use, the functions commonly used in financial modelling, helpful Excel shortcuts when modelling, how to apply FAST principles, and how to produce a graph to show the balance.

All our learning outcomes match the essential skills required by the profession day-to-day.

This course will boost your skill set, providing the tools you need to advance your career.


How long is it for?

Study time is equivalent to 4 CPD hours.

When you purchase this course, you will receive an activation code and link to access your course. You then have 120 days to complete the course.

You will receive a digital certificate on completion of this course. 

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