Workplace opportunities in a post-pandemic world

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Delivery method

Live virtual training

Due to the current restrictions of Covid-19 we will be delivering our 2020 face to face courses with a full virtual experience using Zoom Education technology.

In order to be part of our virtual training session, you will need:

  • Access to a computer (PC or Mac) which has a microphone included (or additional microphone installed and set up)
  • A strong internet connection
  • A pair of headphones
  • A quiet area of your home where you can concentrate, uninterrupted


Is it for you?

This short course would be ideal for workplace professionals who are keen to develop a pragmatic post-pandemic workplace approach using a range of practical techniques. It could enable you to consider the impact of COVID-19 holistically, understand how workplace can enhance the future of work for your business, and talk to key stakeholders about it on their terms.

Whether you’re in FM, HR, organisational development, IT, workspace design or a business owner, this course could cut through the deluge of media opinion, using a straightforward framework to consider your office-based work-settings and beyond.

Please note – in the time available this course will not consider industrial, healthcare, or learning workplaces, although many concepts may be transferable. If you have specific needs in these areas, please contact the IWFM Academy team.


What could you learn?

You could potentially learn how to take the workplace change opportunity presented by the pandemic and develop a responsive strategy tuned to your specific organisational needs.

Upon completing this course, you will understand:

  • Why an emergent and flexible approach to workplace needs to underpin your post-pandemic strategy
  • What information you’ll need to discover the key post-pandemic workplace issues impacting your people
  • How to more effectively design and implement post-pandemic workplace changes
  • Who you need to work with to deliver sustainable post-pandemic workplace change

This short course could help you to further your career as a workplace professional by giving you the practical skills and knowledge to make positive workplace changes fit for these turbulent times.


How long is it for?

This is a proposed new short course designed specifically for the workplace challenges many businesses are currently facing. It will be designed specifically for online delivery in an accessible, engaging and thought-provoking way.

You may be encouraged to participate in a series of facilitated exercises and discussions during the session which will help inform your own potential actions. Electronic resources will be provided to facilitate your learning and insights.

This course also complements Essentials of Workplace Leadership, Selling Your Workplace Vision, Leading Successful Workplace Change and the other Workplace Leadership Programme courses. If you’re keen to book several Workplace Leadership Programme courses together, contact us to obtain a discount.

IWFM delivers this course in partnership with workplace specialists 3edges.

Study time is equivalent to 3 CPD hours.



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