Sharing best practice

Procurement and supply chain management are essential aspects of delivering workplace and facilities management, whether in the sourcing of specialist services and products, or managing the best contract on behalf of organisations and clients. 

The deeper challenges that our profession faces - perception of low wages, narrow margins, lack of value (on many levels) - can often be traced back to the procurement process and subsequent contract management. The collapse of Carillion and others has brought much of this into sharper focus and highlighted the need for a change in culture. Our recommendations for achieving better practice include:

  • Focusing on a values-driven, collaborative approach delivering for all parties
  • Enabling realistic margins
  • Professionalising/upskilling
  • Advocating consistent prompt payment 
  • Minimum standards in an updated code of conduct
  • Promoting transparency and an open book policy. 

In addition to the knowledge-based approach in our guidance and training, our procurement workstreams focus on:

New NEC4 Facilities Management Contract
We have partnered with NEC to develop a new suite of contracts designed specifically for the procurement of FM. The NEC4 Facilities Management Contract is intended to provide more integrated and consistent procurement strategies, adding value to the supply chain and developing stronger, more collaborative relationships and ways of working. The contract has been launched in a pre-publication version with the full versions and guidance due for release in June 2021.  

Social value: National TOMs Facilities Management Plug In
We have also partnered with the Social Value Portal and National Social Value Taskforce to develop a new measurement framework for social value, designed specifically for the workplace and FM profession. The Plug In aims to unlock social value measurement and management in the FM sector, helping organisations to measure and maximise the social value they create through the delivery of their services, as well as to allow organisations to report value created as a financial contribution to society.

Government policy and legislation
Through our engagement with Government consultations, inquiries and reports, we put forward our views - and those of key stakeholders within our profession - on best practice in procurement. Our responses and submissions help to articulate the value that the workplace and FM sector can add to both the public and private sectors through service delivery.

Most recently, IWFM submitted this response to the Cabinet Office Green Paper on Transforming Public Procurement, welcoming many of the framework principles, but also stressing the need to embed social value and prompt payment within the core of any new regulatory framework.

Other IWFM responses to Government consultations and inquiries:

House of Commons Public Accounts Committee Strategic Suppliers inquiry, June 2018 (submitted as BIFM)

House of Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee inquiry, Feb 2018 (submitted as BIFM)


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