News | 28 February 2019

IWFM Non-Executive Director position – could it be you?

Nominations for the IWFM Board this year will open at the end of March; have you got what it takes? This is an excellent opportunity for qualified members to join the Board and exhibit their strategic and leadership skills, and to play a key role in shaping the Institute’s future.

To be eligible to stand for a non-executive position you need to be of IWFM Member grade or above. Corporate members or Group member main contacts or nominees (unless they hold their own professional membership of MIWFM grade or above) are not eligible to stand.

This year there is one non-executive position available. Nominations will be open for one month to eligible members and the Board are looking for specific skills to complement those it possesses already; see the website for specific competences needed.  A non-executive company director’s role is un-remunerated, and there are statutory duties that you must be able to fulfil.  You can discover more about the duties and skill expectations of NEDs here.

Eligible members who are able to stand will receive an email from our independent scrutineers, UK Engage, explaining how to self-nominate at the end of March. So ensure you check your junk and spam boxes so you don’t miss the opportunity of becoming the next NED.  

Once elected the new Non-Executive director will take their role on the Board from the close of the AGM 2019.

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