News | 23 May 2019

Building safety sector maintains push for effective change

As the second anniversary of the Grenfell fire approaches, what’s being done?

The Industry Response Group (IRG) is currently preparing its final report on the competency framework required to ensure building safety. The body was set up by the government to ensure that the construction sector is ready to meet building challenges after the tragedy.

We have been contributing to the IRG working group (WG8) assigned to develop competences for the new function of Building Safety Manager/Co-ordinator for Higher Risk Residential Buildings (HRRBs). These individuals will be responsible for the day-to-day management of a building and act as a point of contact for its residents.

WG8’s recommendations are also set to articulate core behaviours that will be essential in delivering cultural change in the sector. They will also consider the effect of widening their scope to cover all residential buildings – except owner-occupied detached/semi-detached properties – to achieve economies of scale through wider industry support.

Meanwhile, the government has recently agreed to meet the £200m bill for safer cladding on about 150 HRRBs in England. It is also due to launch a consultation in the coming weeks on how the new regulatory framework will be implemented alongside a stronger, more effective enforcement and sanctions regime.

We will continue to provide updates on key developments in building safety.

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