News | 8 March 2019

Linda Hausmanis, CEO, shares wisdom for women looking to strive in FM on International Women’s Day

 “Being true to myself and by doing the right thing…and I never stop learning and challenging (which my team are ever so grateful for!)”

This is the wisdom that IWFM CEO Linda Hausmanis would pass on to other women who want to thrive in workplace and facilities management, as told to the Facilities Show today, International Women’s Day.

This month’s Facilitate magazine, whose Perspectives blogs this month are all written by women notes that whilst society and culture continues to shift the paradigm of gender inequality; systematic, social and psychological inequalities still persist, with, on average, women still receiving 18% less pay than their male colleagues and prejudice still finds its way into attitudes towards women in the workplace.  It is this lack of consistency that International Women’s Day seeks to resolve, through awareness.

Linda is one of several inspirational leaders featured in the Facilities Show piece; among them Jackie Furey who has recently stepped down from chairing the IWFM’s Women in FM committee, replaced by Nicola Lathbury.

Here Linda shares her personal experience in climbing to the top.

What barriers you have overcome?

Being a woman and a single parent – neither should have been a barrier – but these are the judgements and biases that people consciously or unconsciously make of a person every day

How you fight the status quo?

By being true to myself and by doing the right thing even when at times this has jeopardised my career, but I will not tolerate unethical behaviour.  To never stop learning and challenging (which my team are ever so grateful for!)

What challenges did you face?

Having enough quality time with my son

How male-dominated do you think the industry is and is this changing?

I am encouraged by the growing numbers of females who have a hugely successful career in FM and act as good role models for the FMs of the future.   FM as a profession should be proud of its inclusivity of people from all walks of life.  This is not necessarily the norm across other professions. 

What you think makes a good female leader?

There is no difference between a good ‘male’ or ‘female’ leader – to me it is about integrity, honesty, fairness and having a clear vision.

What female role models you look up to in the industry?

Julie Kortens and Polly Plunket-Checkemian are both women who I hugely respect for their professionalism, their kindness and humility.

Is there a female FM community that you strongly feel a part of?

The IWFM’s Women in FM community never fail to inspire me and make me proud of the work they do.

Want to be inspired by Linda’s learning tips? View our latest IWFM Academy courses designed to help develop your skills and take you to the top.


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