News | 14 March 2019

Skill up for the workplace advantage this Spring: IWFM Academy expands workplace training portfolio

The introduction of four new workplace courses this Spring is the latest offering from the IWFM Academy to help facilities professionals get ahead. This expanded educational offer is the latest from the Institute’s partnership with workplace specialists and educators 3edges, pioneers of the popular Workplace Leadership Programme.

The Institute and 3edges share a goal to develop a new generation of workplace-minded and enlightened professionals, whilst upskilling and guiding the current facilities workforce through the theory and practice of this emerging area, all directed toward positive workplace change.

Last year IWFM launched the foundational workplace programme, the Essentials of Workplace Leadership. Spanning three days, this interactive course takes learners on a varied exploration of the opportunities and challenges that workplace presents. This course is designed to offer varying perspectives on workplace and equip learners with an actionable plan for change.

This new set of one day workplace courses is designed to accompany the Essentials course, with the first editions available in May, two more following in July, and further courses later in the year. They can be taken as part of the professional development pathway or as standalone courses.

CEO Linda Hausmanis said:

“Since embracing workplace in our mission; we have endeavoured to open learners and professionals, wherever they are in their careers, to its importance and potential for advancing the facilities profession.

“We are committed to empowering professionals to upskill and reach their potential for a rewarding, impactful career and these courses are a brilliant way for any facilities practitioner to do that, either singly or in combination with the excellent Workplace Leadership Programme”.

Here’s a run-down of the courses:

Making better workplace decisions using data

Is about providing you with the skills and confidence to have a positive influence on decisions about workplace. You will learn to: ask the right questions; see problems in different ways; think critically about the strengths and weaknesses of different types of data; and make more informed, evidence-based workplace decisions.

Creating better workspaces

Is about equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to have more informed conversations about workspace design. You will learn about: how workspace design can have a positive or negative impact on individuals and organisations; the sometimes hidden and often over-looked aspects of workspace design; and the positive role that non-designers can play in decisions about organisational workspace.

Selling your workplace vision

Is about how you get senior managers and other stakeholders to buy-into your ideas around workplace. You will learn how to: create a compelling workplace vision and value proposition; make a robust case for change; and convey your ideas persuasively and authoritatively, using practical communication tools like storytelling.

Leading successful workplace change

Is about developing the skills and confidence to guide people through workplace change. You will learn about: understanding the individual and organisational impact of workplace change; the role that leadership plays in bringing about effective workplace change; and practical techniques for designing and implementing workplace change.

Learn how to utilise the workplace advantage and bring it to the heart of your business, and begin making a difference in your organisation.

Non-members are invited to study with IWFM on all short-courses but becoming a member of IWFM automatically entitles you to discounted course fees.

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