News | 30 May 2019

We’re all technology companies, aren’t we?

Most of us are well versed in debates about ‘robots’ in the workplace and whether tech will replace humans, but what really matters right now?

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), building information modelling (BIM) and digital twin technology are the most current topics of debate. Computer-aided facilities management and building management are also prominent areas of discussion. The through line? The importance of data in our profession.

Better data, when used correctly, means results, but how do we get there?

Seize the opportunity

Technological innovation is accelerating, which is why it’s crucial that all workplace and facilities organisations harness the potential of data technology to improve employee and customer experiences. 

Developing real-time solutions, as well as predicative maintenance, will help you and, in turn, your organisation to understand, anticipate and simplify the customer experience. 

An excellent example of where these solutions are already in play are customer-centric innovations such as robotic cleaners and smart hotels in the leisure sector.

What are the concerns?

There are some limitations and hurdles for organisations to make the most of data and technology. 

If your data architecture hasn’t been properly considered, you can end up over investing in an area that may not deliver. Before making decisions, you need to have clarity around how data will impact your business model moving forward, otherwise you could run into trouble.

It’s also essential that you conduct training. Identify your data needs and develop your team to broaden core skillsets.

Technology’s rate of change often means having to play catch-up, so a mindful approach to strategy is essential. You must ensure your business model has flexibility and room to adapt.

As a profession, we have made significant steps towards embracing new technology to streamline business operations. However, we must continue to look forward and plan, to keep up. 

Moving forward

AI, IoT and BIM will continue to mature and deliver further value. 

While tech such as AI, when added to a properly architected Reality Model, can reduce processing needs by 30-40%, a synergy between people and technology will provide further benefit. 

Integrating technology into our organisations isn’t about replacement – it’s about collaboration.

Join in the discussion

Get further insight at our technology panel discussion at the Facilities Show on 18 June. Ian Ellison, director and co-founder of 3edges, and leading tech professionals will look at technology as a force for change. They will also explore how our profession can expect to be shaped by tech and data.

You can also download guidance on technology and data from our Knowledge Hub.

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