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IOSH Working Safely

As an employee, how are you responsible for your health and safety in the workplace?

Is it for you?

This course is designed for anyone looking to gain an understanding of health and safety. It will provide you with a full understanding of your personal health and safety responsibilities in the workplace.

What will you learn?

Upon completion of this course, you will understand:

  • The importance of health and safety: Key health and safety statistics, the real-life suffering behind those statistics and, therefore, the importance of personal responsibility for safety at work
  • Identifying hazards: How to identify hazards and translate them into your everyday situations at work – from chemicals and electricity to stress and verbal abuse
  • Assessing risk: How to distinguish between formal and informal risk assessments we all make every day
  • Health and safety systems and processes: Systems and processes you can use to bridge the gap between management and the workforce, and make the difference to working safety standards in your organisation
  • Working safely: The operational aspects of working safely, such as personal protective equipment, emergency procedures, reporting, health checks and more

All our learning outcomes match the essential skills required by the profession day-to-day.

This course will boost your skill set, providing the tools you need to advance your career.

How long is it for?

Study time is equivalent to seven CPD hours.

This is a one-day course comprising workshops and practical tasks.

On successful completion of a short multi-format test and hazard perception exercise, you will receive an IOSH Accredited Certificate.

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London, 11 June

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