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28 May 2020


If you have been with us for a while, you will recall our membership survey: an investigation into our members’ thoughts and experiences which informs our work and how we serve our members. 

Now it has a new name, the Impact and Experience survey, and it is key critical for us and also for you that you take part, tell us how we’re doing and where we can improve, and help shape the future of the Institute. Your input will guide our strategic focus and ultimately help us to help you. 

Please follow the link and take a moment to have your say. 


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I cannot stress enough the importance of taking part in this survey, particularly now when societies and economies have been impacted so heavily by COVID-19. We are entering a new world where we will live and work differently for some time – perhaps permanently. This will present taxing challenges and exciting opportunities as we face up to new and existing issues. 

As custodians of the workplace and controllers of some of the key levers that drive organisational performance, our profession must rise to the challenge and exert its influence for the benefit of all – including your own careers and personal development. 

We will continue to help you meet the demands and expectations that fall on your shoulders, but we need to hear from you to help us best serve you and the profession. 

Please raise your voice, share your thoughts, and make a difference. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support.