3.30 PM – 4.15 PM

Mega Trend 4 - The Future of Work

45 mins, Mid-afternoon session

We may fear the robots, worry about carbon reduction and question our work life balance but a World Bank report finds that technology is bringing opportunity, new job creation and improved service delivery. Our work is inextricably linked to the nature of work. Without employment, without labour, workplaces wouldn’t be required; so as the nature of work changes, we must too. As these mega trends develop, the way that society views and supports work will have to change. In 2016 an independent inquiry on ‘The Future of Work’, shone a light on what we can expect and set out a vision for the future of the UK labour market. What will it mean for the profession?

Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor has been Chief Executive of the RSA since November 2006. During his tenure, the Society has substantially increased its output of research and innovation, provided new routes to support the charitable initiatives of its 30,000 fellows, and developed a global profile as a platform for ideas.

In July 2017 Matthew published the report ‘Good Work’; an independent review into modern employment, commissioned by the UK Prime Minister.

In September 2019, Matthew started a new part-time role as the Government’s Director of Labour Market Enforcement and is also a member of its Industrial Strategy Council.

Taylor is a regular media performer having appeared several times on the Today programme, The Daily Politics and Newsnight. He has written and presented several Radio Four documentaries and is a panellist on the programme Moral Maze. He has posted more than a thousand times on his RSA blog site and tweets as @RSAMatthew.

He is also Senior Editor of the Thames & Hudson Big Ideas series.

Prior to this appointment, Matthew was Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research, and he then became Chief Adviser on political strategy to the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Previous roles included, Labour Party Director of Policy, and Assistant General Secretary of The Labour Party.