30 May 2024 12pm – 12.45pm Zoom webinar


Are you looking to elevate your career and expand your professional network? Join us for an insightful webinar designed to uncover the benefits of becoming a IWFM member. Whether you're starting out, looking to make a career change, or aiming to enhance your professional skills, discover how a professional body can support your goals in the journey towards success.

Why You Should Attend
This webinar will provide you with comprehensive insights into how IWFM membership can boost your career path. On this webinar we will delve into:

  • Industry Accreditation: Understand how membership is the first step to gaining recognition within the profession and how you can showcase your dedication and your level of expertise by securing the right grade.
  • Continued Professional Development: Discover the resources and benefits available for ongoing professional development and how they can keep you competitive and competent in your field.
  • Networking Opportunities: Learn how to grow your professional network by utilising insightful events, online forums, and community groups.
  • Career Advancement: Gain insights into how active involvement in a professional body can lead to career advancement through leadership roles and industry recognition.
  • Knowledge is power:  Discover how you can stay one step ahead of the curve with insights and updates on key topics and industry trends, ensuring you are primed for success.

There will be a question & answer section to clarify any queries.

Who Should Attend
This webinar is ideal for WFM professionals across all levels who are curious about or are considering joining a professional body. It is equally beneficial for students who are about to step into the professional world and need guidance on how to start building their career paths.