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Grammar and effective writing

Polish your grammar and writing skills and get a grasp of punctuation and word choice, plus more.

Introduction to financial modelling

Robust and relevant financial models are essential to making good business decisions. Find out how to create them.

Effective facilities management professional

Discover skills, knowledge and techniques required for you to create and sustain effective operations.

Introduction to facilities management

Gain an understanding of the profession on a basic level to see whether you want to go further.

Managing workload

Always feel like you're swamped with work that's never-ending? Find out how to manage.

Presenting numerical data

You may be a data whizz, but is your audience? Explore how to best communicate numerical data to all audiences.

Communication for professional success

Is your communication landing? Improve your skills to drive both professional and personal success.

Building personal resilience for professional success

Have trouble dealing with challenges and change? Find out how you can be more resilient in the workplace.


Find out how to generate innovative ideas, select them and manage risk when applying them to your organisation.

Presentation skills

Beat the nerves and polish your presentation skills when delivering to a room of people.