• To evaluate trends and developments in the market, identify future needs and use this information to innovate and promote the added value of an organisation’s facilities management service.
  • To identify, implement and maintain services in accordance with the standards set out in service level agreements.
  • To assess continually the quality and value for money of services provided.


FM functional area components:

Service Innovation

  • To recognise the influences and drivers of the facilities management function and to identify future trends and developments to improve delivery.
  • To optimise opportunities in order to market and promote the added value of facilities management both within and outside an organisation.
  • To promote innovation by identifying opportunities for new or alternative services.

Managing Service Delivery

  • To develop and implement strategies for the delivery of support services within an organisation.
  • To identify needs of an organisation, establish service level agreements and manage the delivery of the service.
  • To embed a culture and programme of continual review in order to monitor performance and to identify opportunities for new or alternative services.


Career level Service Innovation Managing Service Delivery
Strategic Forecasts trends and facilities management market opportunities, encouraging creativity and embedding innovation within service provision Develops facilities management service delivery strategy and evaluates the effectiveness of alternative delivery models and their resourcing implications
Senior Identifies and exploits value-creating opportunities for innovation in facilities management products and services Creates an operational plan to manage the delivery of a portfolio of facilities management services
Manager Identifies ways of adding value to existing and planned facilities management services and promotes services to existing and potential clients Manages and reviews the delivery of a range of facilities management services
Supervisory Collects ideas and customer feedback on facilities service delivery, making suggestions for improvements to services or products Supervises the delivery of and monitors operational performance within their area of responsibility
Support Identifies opportunity for continuous improvement Delivers facilities management services to agreed quality standards



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