FM functional area components:

Project Management

  • To create a clearly defined facilities management project brief (for example relocation) with purpose, aim and SMART objectives.
  • To identify key stakeholders, assemble project teams and establish and monitor a project budget.
  • To monitor and manage the project through to completion, sign-off and review.

People Management

  • To recruit, build, empower and lead highly motivated and skilled teams.  Setting clear objectives and measuring performance which are linked to the strategic objectives of an organisation.
  • To identify appropriate styles of management which reflect the needs of the business.
  • To create a learning environment which engenders a culture of innovation. To comply with relevant legislation.

Change Management

  • To monitor the future trends and direction of facilities management in order to envision and initiate the need for change.
  • To lead and manage key stakeholders through the process of change, whilst monitoring and managing any potential impact, from the proposed change, on the delivery of facilities management services within an organisation.


Career level Project Management People Management Change Management
Strategic Directs and sponsors multiple facilities management projects, managing project relationships, interdependencies and risks Provides strategic motivational leadership to people development and influence corporate culture, values and behaviour Promotes the vision and leads strategic change and manages the impact on facilities management
Senior Defines and plans facilities management projects, building project teams and controlling project delivery to budget Plans and motivates the facilities management workforce to meet organisational objectives and encourage innovation Plans organisational change, ensuring the continuing coherence of facilities management policies and processes
Manager Manages the delivery of facilities management projects to plans and targets and reports on progress and performance Resources, develops and motivates facilities management teams to achieve objectives that contribute to the delivery of an organisation's strategy Manages the implementation of change plans, supporting and influencing others to accept change positively
Supervisory Contributes to the delivery of a facilities management project Supervises and develops facilities management teams to achieve team objectives Monitors the impact of the implementation of change to facilities management services
Support Supports facilities management project activities as directed Supports the achievement of facilities management team objectives Supports the implementation of change positively


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