30 October 2020 12pm – 1pm Webinar Online


Join IWFM's North Region and Ian Tansey, Managing Director of ProDroneWorx, for a masterclass on using the digital data from drone technology for the surveying or inspections of assets.

Drone technology, cameras (RGB, thermal imaging etc.) and data processing have come a long way over the last few years and are now a creditable alternative to the traditional ways of surveying or inspecting assets.

The digital outputs from drone technology can be as simple as geo-tagged HD images or 4K video to more complex outputs like a 3D point cloud, 3D textured model, 2D orthomosaic or 2D Google KMZ files.

The 2D/3D digital data can also be used to create CAD drawings or Scan To BIM models of roof or facade structures e.g. when traditional methods can’t get access to the roof structure due to Health & Safety issues.

The survey grade accurate 2D/3D digital data provides:

  • deeper data insights into the condition of roofs and facades. Comparisons can be done over time.
  • better collaboration on preventative maintenance programmes
  • reduces noise and inconvenience to building occupiers compared to traditional techniques likes scaffolding and cherry pickers
  • the digital data can be analysed remotely through a cloud based platform while annotations can be made on issues or defects identified
  • reduces cost and risk