12 April 2024 12pm – 1pm Zoom meeting


Many employers already have in place foundations which allow them to support employees in crisis, whether it's through an Employee Assistance Programme or trained mental health first-aiders.

However workplace wellbeing has the potential to make a much greater impact, as it becomes more embedded in organisations, and we look at a preventative approach to workplace wellbeing.

Join the IWFM South Region and guest speaker Elliot Foster, Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Consultant and Business Psychologist at SuperWellness on this online event which will cover:

  • Why workplace wellbeing is important.
  • How employee expectations have changed since the pandemic.
  • Why having a strategy is key to prevention.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions throughout as well as time at the end.


Elliot Foster

Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Consultant, SuperWellness

Elliot Foster is the Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Consultant at SuperWellness, an organisation passionate about the role of prevention in workplace wellbeing.

He is passionate about helping organisations make the most effective and sustainable business decisions to support the health and wellbeing of their staff, ensuring that there are no “tick-box” exercises, and making sure everything has impact. His career to date and MSc in Business Psychology allows him to look past individual interventions, and towards what makes a healthy working culture.