Is this course for you?

If you are actively involved in the FM sector you will need to know all about the new regime.

You may be expected to assist your client, whether this be the owner of the building (now an 'Accountable Person’) or perhaps a Managing Agent, to work their way through the implementation of the new regulations (beginning April 2023).

If you manage building works you will need to know about the new duty holders and their obligations; changes to building control and building regulations; and stipulations about replacing elements of the building (e.g., fire doors).

The new regime places a significant focus on competence 
For individuals, this means evidencing your 'skills, knowledge, and experience’ - and now 'behaviours'. For Organisations holding yourselves out as 'competent' to deliver on your contract arrangements; new expectations require evidence of how you manage the competence of those you employ, and your organisation’s capability for monitoring and oversight.

There is a new focus on management of accurate, and detailed, information about the building, and how it is maintained and managed; this will be explained as well as how this information will need to be stored, verified and assured.

This course is delivered by Anthony Taylor, one of the leading experts in the development of the competences needed for delivering against the new regulations.


How much will it cost?

Member: £279+VAT 
Non-Member: £349 +VAT

What will you learn?

Upon completion of this course, you will understand:

  • Session 1 – Overview
    Scope of the Building Safety Act
    Part 2 – The New Regulator and Sitting Committees
    Part 3 – Design and Construction
    Part 4 – In Occupation
  • Session 2 – In-Occupation: New Regime Requirements, Safety Management Systems
    Handover and Golden Thread
    Building Registration
    Building Assessment Certificate
    Assessment and Management of Building Safety Risk
    Safety Management Systems
    Safety Case and Safety Case Report
  • Session 3 – In-Occupation: Competence, Capability and Fire Safety Management
    Competence and Capability – PAS 8673
    Building Regulations and ‘feature’ replacements
    Fire Safety
    Fire Risk Assessor Competence
    Procuring a Fire Risk Assessment
    Building Defects
  • Session 4 – Part 3: Management of Building Works
    Building safety Regulator and Fees
    Changes to Building Regs / Building Control Regime
    Appointments and Competency / Capability
    Extension of Liability and Limitation
    Gateway Process
    Procurement and Construction Products

All learning outcomes provide the essential knowledge required by the profession for day-to-day working under the new regime.

This course will boost your skill set, providing the tools you need to advise your clients and advance your career.

How long is it for?

Study time is equivalent to 7 CPD hours.

An intensive, full day with two morning sessions and two in the afternoon

Delivery method

All courses will be delivered by two industry recognised trainers who have been involved with the development of the Law, and the practical implementation of all the new requirements since 2018, both have been delivering webinars and writing articles on the effects the new regime will have on those who will be expected to manage and service the properties. 

Delivered live as virtual training via Zoom

We will be limiting the number of attendees to each course to maximise the opportunity for interaction with the trainers. Courses will be made available on a monthly basis.

In order to be part of our virtual training session, you will need:

  • Access to a computer (PC or Mac) which has a microphone and web cam included (or an additional microphone and web cam installed and set up)
  • A strong internet connection
  • A pair of headphones
  • A quiet area of your home where you can concentrate, uninterrupted



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