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The new regulatory Regime under the Building Safety Act 2022 includes specific requirements in regard to individual competence and ‘Organisational Capability' – effectively the management of competence within an organisation.

The requirements effect both the design and construction phases (Part 3 of the Act) and the management of residential buildings (Part 4 of the Act).

Organisations will, increasingly, be expected to provide evidence as to how they manage competence, their ‘Organisational Capability’. This will affect all areas of the supply chain as Clients will require this evidence, and organisations of all shapes, sizes and complexities will be expected to show how they manage the competence of their direct workforce and ensure that those contracted and sub-contracted to them are also properly managing competence.

The course provides the understanding of how establishing the competence required by any organisation to deliver its services is the foundation for being able to evidence the management of competence.

This course offers methodologies to develop and evidence capability one of which being an introduction to the recently published “BSAS 01:2024 Organisational Capability Management System Standard which has been developed and published by the Building Safety Alliance to assist both Clients who have to undertake appropriate due diligence on those they employ and organisations that seek to be employed to be able to evidence they have appropriate ‘capability’ in place.

If you represent either a Client or an organisation wishing to provide services to your clients this course is highly recommended as it delivers an explanation of methodologies to deliver, and evidence, ‘Organisational Capability’.

How much will it cost?

Member: £199+VAT 
Non-Member: £249 +VAT

What will you learn?

Upon completion of this course, you will understand:

  1. Building Safety Law – Competence and organisational capability requirements
    1. Building Safety Act 2022 Part 3 (Building Regulations 2010)
    2. Building Safety Act 2022 Part 4 (Managing Higher-risk Buildings)
  2. The evidence that will need to be provided by organisations to meet the new regulatory regime.
  3. Methods to establish competence requirements in the organisation, and how to develop a competence matrix.
  4. BSAS 01:2024 Organisational Capability Management System Standard:
    1. Background and overview
    2. Role competence statements and the competence matrix
    3. Applying the competence standards to the role competence statement
    4. Requirements of the standard

All learning outcomes provide the essential knowledge necessary to assist the evaluation or evidencing of ‘Organisational Capability’

This course will enhance your skill set and provide the tools you need to assure your clients.

How long is it for?

Study time is equivalent to 3.5 CPD hours.

An intensive, half day course 3.5 hours, 9.30am - 12.30pm mornings or 1.30pm - 5pm afternoons

Delivery method

All courses will be delivered by two industry recognised trainers who have been involved with the development of the legislation, and the practical implementation of the new requirements since 2018. Both are executives of the Building Safety Alliance, one of which is a Technical Author of this Standard. Both have taken an active role in delivering webinars and writing articles on the effects the new standards will have on those who will be expected to manage and service the properties. 

Delivered live as virtual training via Zoom

We will be limiting the number of attendees to each course to maximise the opportunity for interaction with the trainers. Courses will be made available on a monthly basis, either as a morning session or an afternoon.

In order to be part of our virtual training session, you will need:

  • Access to a computer (PC or Mac) which has a microphone and web cam included (or an additional microphone and web cam installed and set up)
  • A strong internet connection
  • A pair of headphones
  • A quiet area of your home where you can concentrate, uninterrupted


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