As a professional body, we focus on the long-term advancement of the profession. When you become a partner, we will work with you to assess your goals and what you need to do to develop and maintain effective workplace and facilities teams throughout your business.

Our group membership scheme is designed to help you recognise, reward and support the professional development of your staff – building strong and effective teams.

As a group member, you can put forward team members for individual membership, which helps to foster a culture of professionalism.

We have developed a world-leading framework to develop your people against: the Professional Standards, which map out the competencies required by your teams at every level.

Why become a group member?

As a group member, you gain access to a variety of benefits, so you can create a better business.

The benefits of group membership include:

  • Team development: You can use our Professional Development Framework to assess your employees’ competencies, the results of which you can then use various development tools to further develop your team with our qualifications. The framework is flexible and can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.
  • Retention and recruitment: Individual membership works as an employee benefit. The scheme will assist your organisation to foster an environment of support and development, helping to retain staff and drive recruitment. Employees on the scheme will have full access to our range of member benefits.
  • Knowledge and resource: As individual members, your employees will receive unlimited access to our library of resources, as well as exclusive insights and networking and development opportunities.
  • Connect with the IWFM community: As individual members, you will have access to our IWFM members-only Community groups forum.
  • Improved corporate profile: As a group member, your organisation clearly demonstrates a commitment to excellence, support and development of its staff and the delivery of best practice.
  • IWFM Mentoring: as individual members, you can get personal support for professional growth (for those at professional grades or with a complementary one-year membership as part of their IWFM qualification)

As well as bespoke training and development opportunities.

Choosing your package

The cost of group membership depends on the number of employees you wish to sign up and at which grade. Contact us for a tailored quote.

IWFM is on the UK Government’s list of professional bodies approved for tax relief. This means you could claim money back on your membership fee with us. Find out more and check if you can make a claim here

Useful resources

Group membership brochure