Low pay: build back better by paying the real Living Wage


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27 August 2020

We have produced new guidance for members which finds there is a powerful business case for paying the real Living Wage - a rate higher than the minimum set by government and the only one based on actual living costs - despite the additional outlay involved.

Published in partnership with the Living Wage Foundation (IWFM is one of more than 6,000 Accredited Living Wage Employers), our guidance outlines the tangible benefits and practicalities of paying the real Living Wage. It highlights independent research which shows evidence of the crucial link between higher rates of pay and improved service delivery and performance. This is reinforced by case studies from organisations who already pay the real Living Wage and testimonies from individual workers who have benefitted.

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the public spotlight on the contributions of key workers, often in lower paid roles such as cleaners and security guards, who have not just helped our profession keep people and buildings safe and healthy, but have maintained society and the economy in working order. Applauding key workers for their efforts does not pay their bills; it is only right that people are paid a fair wage for a day’s work.

As well as reinforcing this strong moral and ethical argument for paying higher wages, our guidance seeks to arm employers with the rationale and tools to break down barriers and drive the long-term changes that will build back better, benefiting individuals, communities and their organisation’s bottom line.

To read our guidance on paying the real Living Wage click here