World FM Day 2021: how we supported our extraordinary profession through turbulent times


  • COVID-19,
  • Facilities

12 May 2021

We don’t need to repeat the many ways the COVID-19 pandemic has affected countries around the world. One thing that does bear repeating, however, is the outstanding service and crucial support workplace and facilities managers have provided to communities, colleagues, organisations, infrastructure and the economy during this unprecedented crisis.

As our CEO, Linda Hausmanis, said in a recent article: ‘I am left speechless by the resilience and professionalism you have shown. You have proven yourselves indispensable and I am immensely proud to be associated with this profession.’

However, when the pandemic took hold, we knew that you could not do it alone, which is why we ensured we stepped up to meet your needs.

Below is a snapshot of the resources and initiatives we have provided in the past year to help you through these turbulent times.