Nominations & Remuneration Committee

The purpose of the Nominations & Remunerations Committee is to provide a formal and transparent procedure for remuneration of the Institute’s Chief Executive, developing policy on remuneration for the Executive Directors and for ensuring that the performance of the CEO is reviewed.

They oversee both the Non-Executive Director Board election processes, via an open member elections in conjunction with the Company Secretary, and manage the process around any Non-Executive Director Co-Options identifying skills gaps in the Board group and ensure it leads to an open and transparent process to identify possible candidates for co-option to the Board, making recommendations for appointment as required for the IWFM Board to approve. 

They also consider succession planning for Board Directors, the Chair & Deputy Chair of the Board and make recommendations to the Board concerning the formulation of plans for the succession of the Chief Executive.  Further considerations are reviewing contractual terms, alongside the head office HR staff, around policies, procedures and performance management systems for all staff, and recommend amendments and their adoption to the Board.

The current Nominimations & Remuneration Committee is made up of the following member volunteers:

Vivien Broughton, Chair 
Martin Bell, Board Representative
Lalia Osborne, Committee Member
Keith Waterman, Committee Member
Ashleigh Brown, Committee Member
Catherine Gowers, Committee Member

The full role and Terms of Reference of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee are detailed in the Board Regulations, and can be found below.

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Nominations & Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference


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