5 reasons to read our new and updated Energy Management GPG


  • Sustainability

21 March 2024


In association with Carbon Numbers, we recently released our new and updated Energy Management Good Practice Guide (GPG), which has received coverage from publications including Facilities Management Journal, Business Wire in Essex, EIN Newsdesk and I-FM.  
The GPG is a key resource to help workplace and facilities managers (WFM) optimise building performance and achieve their organisations’ energy management goals – an area where they have huge agency according to IWFM’s latest research.  

Here are some reasons why you should read it today. 

  • Access a wealth of actionable insights to help ensure that energy management processes are optimised, including signposting to further tech manuals, glossary and guidance. The GPG is helpfully structured to reflect the planning, implementation and ongoing running of energy management policies and processes. 

  • Discover a comprehensive checklist of questions to help determine the state of an organisation’s energy management strategy, from larger queries on profitability to practical pointers on daily workplace actions.  

  • For many organisations, optimising energy management is a journey. To benefit people and planet, professionals must always make the case for organisational sustainability. As such, the GPG offers guidance on how to manage internal and external customer demands, from communicating data to demonstrating value to the C-suite. 

  • Beyond the social and environmental benefits, many organisational leaders will want to understand the business case for optimising energy management. As improving organisational performance is a key demand of WFM, the GPG makes clear how to hit corporate targets while ensuring that energy management is positively influences priorities. 

  • Find out insight on balancing corporate needs, including strategically managing price risks, reducing energy consumption and tackling ambitious corporate climate change targets which require innovative investment approaches. 

Download the GPG here. IWFM and Carbon Numbers are launching a supporting webinar featuring WFM professionals and energy management experts; stay up to date with IWFM for news on the webinar.