Brexit guidance: are you prepared?


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09 January 2020


Brexit guidance: are you prepared?

The UK is due to leave the EU at 11pm on Friday 31 January – whether or not the government’s deal is approved.

To ensure you and your organisation are prepared, the UK government has provided Brexit guidance (for individuals and businesses), which you can view here.

Where are we with Brexit?

In December 2019, MPs voted in favour of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill and Brexit timetable, but the Bill (AKA the Brexit deal that’s been agreed in principle with the EU) now faces further scrutiny in both the House of Parliament and the House of Lords. The Brexit deal must be approved by both Houses and ratified by the EU if the UK is to leave with a deal.

If the deal is approved and ratified by 31 January, the UK will enter into a transitional period until 31 December 2020, during which the government will attempt to agree a trade deal with the EU. During the transitional period, the UK will trade as usual with the EU and maintain the same rights as other EU nations.

As things stand, the UK will face a hard, no deal, Brexit if either: the deal is not approved by 31 January or; the UK cannot negotiate a trade deal with the EU by 31 December.