Carbon and net zero: data, skills and target challenges highlighted in new research


  • Sustainability

20 September 2022


A year since IWFM revealed a worrying gap between intent and action which will hinder already delayed attempts to stall climate change, findings from the first phase of the IWFM Sustainability Survey 2022 have highlighted a troubling continuation of the theme with insufficient data, skills gaps and fuzzy targets impacting the net zero sphere.

Despite ever-increasing pressure to combat climate change or what the United Nations calls ‘the defining issue of our time’, end user respondents have been found wanting in their efforts to achieve net zero carbon.

Released today in partnership with Inenco and available to download free for IWFM members, the IWFM Sustainability Survey 2022: Carbon and net zero infographic shows that 43% lack clear net zero targets, only 14% have comprehensive skills integrated into normal service, and just 31% have comprehensive baseline and ongoing data.

When asked about the barriers organisations face in setting targets and reducing emissions, by far the most popular answer from respondents was high upfront costs of installing technologies (63%).

Reacting to the findings, IWFM CEO Linda Hausmanis commented: ‘With costs rising across the board, organisations face tough decisions to protect the bottom line. Net zero, however, is one of the most important challenges facing organisations today; it’s therefore key critical that those responsible for capturing and managing carbon - workplace and facilities management professionals - are fully supported to upskill and sufficiently resourced so they can work towards clear targets based on comprehensive data.’


For 2022, the IWFM Sustainability Survey has departed from the usual single survey approach to use four shorter surveys which target specific areas of the sustainability agenda in a more detail. These findings are from the first survey which was created by the IWFM Sustainability SIG.

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