Embracing technology to move FM Forward


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01 November 2018

Embracing technology to move FM forward


Technology has always played a big role in shaping the way we work, and it is likely to be one of the most significant influences on the workplace and facilities management profession in the future. 

[Published in May 2018] This knowledge report examines the role technology will play in FM’s future, for better and for worse. What tech are we already comfortable with and what disruptive tech may be lurking around the corner.

Drawing on research conducted on behalf of the former BIFM during 2017, a pulse survey of BIFM members in March 2018, and a review of the broader literature on technology, FM and the world of work, the report explores:

  • Which technologies are most likely to affect the FM profession and how
  • What the opportunities and challenges presented by technology mean for the FM profession
  • How well placed the FM profession is to cope with changes in technology and, therefore, what the profession might need to do differently

Though not new to the profession, this report highlights a worrying lack of awareness around specific technologies that have the potential to change the FM landscape dramatically. It explores what several different futures may look like as we embrace technological advancements and discusses the ethical dilemma that they pose.

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