IWFM launches Building safety hub to support a safer future for occupants


  • Policy

04 December 2020

As part of our dedication to supporting members’ needs, IWFM has today launched its Building safety hub to keep members informed of the latest developments in this key area, which was tragically brought to the fore in 2017 by the Grenfell Tower fire.

The hub aims to bring together all the latest information around building, fire and life safety so that members engaged in these sectors can find the news updates, guidance, resources and details of changes to legislation they need, all in one place. It will also include crucial updates on the new statutory Building Safety Manager role.

Akin to our popular COVID-19 guidance web pages, the hub will provide ‘agile’ guidance – that is, continually updated and amended advice and information, as opposed to a static guidance document - the ongoing development of which will be supported by IWFM’s Life Safety Working Group.

Members can visit the hub here or via the Insight option on the navigation menu.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for the hub, please contact: policy@iwfm.org.uk