IWFM’s team collaborates to ‘give a helping hand’


17 April 2024

All staff day news item 20240417.png 1

As the pioneering body for workplace and facilities management, with a fully distributed working model, it is vital we foster team collaboration and togetherness in the new world of work. Last week, from across the UK, IWFM’s team gathered in Bishop’s Stortford to network, collaborate and socialise. The day’s focus was a task of real importance.  

Established in 1995, Team Tactics enables teams to grow closer and benefit the charity Give a Helping Hand. In groups of three or four, the Head Office team worked together to build prosthetic hands for disabled people in developing countries. By using a special glove, each team member experienced what it was like to lack a limb and had to communicate effectively, problem solve and work precisely to build each hand.  

The team – ranging from longstanding staff members to new starters - not only enjoyed meeting up but felt the benefit of helping people in need experience, we hoped, less challenging and more fulfilling lives. IWFM spoke to its team to hear their thoughts.  

IWFM CEO Linda Hausmanis called the day, ‘A team building event which had purpose to it. Meeting with the whole team, with both familiar and new faces, made it special. Events like this cannot completely replace the ‘working in the office’ environment, but it certainly created an experience which fosters a sense of belonging. I’m looking forward to the next one.’ 

IWFM Head of Workplace and Operations Jason Lawrence said, ‘I thought the day was insightful and it felt good to know that what we were doing was not just a team building exercise but help to people in need. We made a difference. It was good to see colleagues and new employees face to face, instead of communicating remotely.’ 

IWFM Member and Customer Advisor Francesca Manuello said, ‘I really enjoyed collaborating and creating something that will facilitate disabled people. It made me feel lucky to have access to the health service, and especially, to be healthy (we really take this for granted!). It was great meeting with colleagues and new starters, hopefully we will see each other in person again soon.’ 

IWFM expresses its gratitude to Team Tactics, Give a Helping Hand, South Mills Arts and our day’s guides, who also acted as photographers and helpful support.