IWFM signs MoU with BSRIA


  • Business

30 January 2020


We are delighted to announce that we have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with BSRIA – the Building Services Research and Information Association.

The MoU, which was signed by IWFM CEO Linda Hausmanis and BSRIA CEO Julia Evans OBE, outlines how IWFM and BSRIA will work cooperatively to improve the built environment and operational use of buildings.

Both parties share a common interest in promoting best practice within workplace and facilities management, thereby improving technical building services and facilities management outcomes. The agreement provides a foundation for future collaborative working, enabling a louder voice in the industry to benefit members and the wider industry. It will hasten the pace of change, harnessing the opportunities presented by our respective membership, industry and government engagements.

Linda Hausmanis said at the signing: ‘We will strive to make this piece of signed paper a start of real cooperation with tangible outcomes that will benefit members of both our organisations.’

Julia Evans OBE said: ‘We are excited to formalise our partnership with IWFM as we strive to jointly build and operate more sustainable buildings, tackle the challenges of climate change and enhance the wellbeing of building occupants in the communities that we serve.

‘We look forward to working with our IWFM colleagues to promote knowledge, competence and quality to improve the performance, resilience, sustainability of the built environment.’

The initial areas of joint interests will focus on:

  • developing operational and technical good practice guidance
  • developing knowledge, training and competence across technical facilities management and building operators
  • seek opportunities to undertake joint research projects
  • have an open and regular method of communication between executive teams through a joint steering group.