SFMI and BAM FM launch carbon standard to drive FM decarbonisation; get involved and provide feedback


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13 July 2022

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The Sustainable Facilities Management Index (SFMI) and BAM FM have teamed up with an expert industry peer group, including IWFM, to develop a standardised approach to calculate carbon emissions for the sector. 

There are two connecting methods that offer different intended outcomes: 

  1. FM outsourced providers to measure corporate greenhouse emissions in an industry comparable way. Helping to compare industry net-zero targets. 

  1. FM providers and in-house FM teams to identify the operational emissions that they can target within the scope of their work, helping to create bespoke, client-specific zero-carbon pathways. 

A report into the project’s work so far is available via the SFMI website to download now. You can also provide feedback on report at the same link. 

This project is the first stage of a wider vision where FM will position itself as a key partner in delivering zero-carbon solutions in the built environment. 

IWFM has played a key role in supporting the project as part of the critical review panel which aims to ensure the approach will have industry acceptance. 

The intent is this work will give the workplace and facilities management profession the tools to communicate and adapt its services to reduce impact by being accountable and responsible for emissions stemming from within the services it delivers. 

Join Stage 2 of the Scope 3 project 

The SFMI is now recruiting participants and sponsors for stage 2 of our project. 

By being a part of stage 2, all companies will receive the following outputs: 

  • application of the approach from the report to the stress tests of the real world. Participants will receive a Scope 3 top-down footprint, with 2 Bottom-Up customer allocations per company. Both methods are discussed in the report. This stress testing will help to amend the approach based on real-world circumstances 

  • creation of a data collection platform for FM scope 3 data 

  • build the data understanding of the significance of FM’s impact on the building life-cycle, which can be used to engage the built environment on the decarbonisation of buildings for the benefit of the FM sector. 

Click here to find out more. 

The release of the carbon standard report comes after Chris Havers, Programme Director at SFMI, spoke at IWFM Conference 2022 about current challenges and the need for consistent measurement of Scope 3 emissions within the FM sector – a key measure for organisations and buildings to demonstrate net zero. With the urgent need to take action on the climate, there is an opportunity for our profession to lead carbon reduction plans, measurement and action, Chris argued.