Sustainability Survey 2020 in partnership with Inenco: social value remains high on agenda


  • Sustainability

28 January 2021

Social Value

‘Social value has been a moving target this year, particularly due to COVID-19. Many businesses are still progressing their understanding around social value and how to measure it, but are now facing additional challenges as to where to spend their time and energy in relation to broader sustainability measures.’

Ann Beavis, Head of Sustainable Development, Crown Workspace

In our third and final infographic on the key themes that emerged from our IWFM Sustainability Survey 2020 Report in partnership with Inenco we are looking at social value, which, despite COVID-19 monopolising 2020, still remains high on the agenda.

Click here to download the IWFM Sustainability Survey 2020 Report infographic on social value.

Amongst the findings were that approximately three-quarters of respondents consider training, equality and diversity, and environmental activities as the most important activities for delivering social value. We also found that less than a third of respondents are not measuring social value in any way, whilst measurement of social value has increased overall since our 2018 Survey. Find out more by using the download link above.

Whilst COVID-19 may have altered social value priorities in the short term, as Ann Beavis notes in the infographic, ‘It will be interesting to see how the social value picture evolves over the next 12 months and further influences procurement decisions.’

Read the full findings in the IWFM Sustainability Survey 2020 Report in partnership with Inenco here.