Sustainability Survey 2020 in partnership with Inenco: the impact of COVID-19 and other highlights


  • Sustainability

17 December 2020


Following the October release of our influential Sustainability Survey 2020 Report in partnership with Inenco, we are highlighting some of the main findings along with three of the key themes that emerged from our research, beginning with COVID-19.

Click here to download the first of our Sustainability Survey 2020 Report infographics to find out more.

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic’s effects on organisations has extended to their sustainability agendas, with most expecting their policies and targets to change as a direct consequence.

Amongst the more surprising findings, however, were large numbers of respondents sharing that their organisation lacks KPIs for fundamental sustainability priorities, such as waste management and recycling.

While it has been a traumatic and uncertain year that has caused many to focus on survival over anything else, it is key critical for our profession to maintain the fight against the global environmental crisis.

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