Coming soon: our 2024 Sustainability Survey on decarbonisation


  • Sustainability

05 July 2024


As organisations widely embrace sustainability, decarbonisation – the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and transition to renewable energy sources – is a key priority yet massive undertaking, requiring substantial planning and resource allocation. It falls on workplace and facilities management (WFM) to enable organisations to implement and execute decarbonisation strategies, representing both an opportunity and challenge.

To better inform practitioners and as part of our ongoing partnership with Equans, IWFM is delighted to launch the 2024 Sustainability Survey on Wednesday 24 July. The survey, which was informed by the findings our 2023 Sustainability Survey, will focus on how practitioners can better support their organisation on energy and carbon issues, drilling into granular topics including organisational investment, the timelines of net zero plans, stakeholder management, factoring Scope 3 emissions into planning and more.

As IWFM contributed to the Scope 3 framework, we look forward to engaging with the community to tackle the issues around Scope 3 – an organisation’s indirect emissions not covered under Scope 1 or 2. We encourage practitioners to take part and spread the survey among peers, as the more insight we gain, the more powerful the research will be, to ultimately benefit WFM as the sector collaborates with organisations on their sustainability journey.

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