Turmeric and chilli turn to Gold for GSH India and Kaleesuwari!


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16 October 2020


Their Fuel Switch project: moving from coal to turmeric and chilli, which was a finalist in the Environment category at the 2019 IWFM Awards, scooped the Gold Award at the Global FM Awards for Excellence announced on Monday.

In a creative collaboration, Kaleesuwari, one of India’s largest consumer goods giants, and worldwide FM services company GSH replaced traditional coal with cleaner biomass, including turmeric and chilli, to produce steam to power Kaleesuwari’s factories in the region, making edible oils, food pulses and home products, including lamp oil.

The results include a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions, a 15% fall in the cost of steam, technical benefits for the plant and a boost for the local community – including new jobs.

Mark Thomas, CEO of GSH Group, said:

‘As Energy and Facilities Management professionals, we realise industrial and commercial real estate are large consumers of energy and producers of greenhouse gases.  We also realise, in our management and consulting roles, that we are in a unique position to assist our client-facilities in combatting waste and inefficiencies. Leveraging our 125-years’ experience in engineering, I am ever delighted to see our people using ingenuity and determination to transform waste to fuel and reduce the carbon footprint.’

IWFM CEO Linda Hausmanis said:

‘Congratulations to GSH India and Kaleesuwari for this global win. As this inspiring project has shown, the workplace and facilities profession is well placed to make a real difference to the sustainability agenda in its fullest sense, not only marrying the needs of owners, occupiers and the supply chain to create safe, productive and pleasant workplaces, but also to build a cleaner future for generations.

‘Global FM’s recognition of an IWFM Award finalist for the third year in a row testifies to the game changing work being advanced in the sector. As we all look to build back better, I hope this extended spotlight will encourage others developing game changing ideas to follow.’

Read more about the project here: https://www.facilitatemagazine.com/content/news/2020/10/13/iwfm-nominated-project-wins-global-fm-gold-award?utm_source=Adestra&utm_medium=email&utm_term=