Watch NTT episode eight: ‘Loosening the lockdown - spotlight on catering’


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04 June 2020


‘Navigating turbulent times’ (NTT) returned for its eighth episode on Wednesday 3 June when our expert panel discussed ‘Loosening the lockdown - spotlight on catering’ and took viewers' questions.

This episode provided expert assistance and support to facilities managers on how to reinstate catering services in the workplace, focusing on real world experience, recommendations and guidance so that clients and customers can quickly adapt to an evolving situation and ‘build back better’.

The experts on this episode were:

  • Zoe Watts (host): commercial director, Vacherin
  • Ros De Oliveira: UK facilities coordinator, ADP Ltd
  • Julian Fris: principal consultant, Neller Davies Ltd, and deputy chair of IWFM Catering SIG
  • Emma Hill: group head of food, health, safety and environment, CH&CO
  • Andy Jones: NHS catering advisor, AJ Associates
  • Sam Tate: operations director, BaxterStorey

Watch the full episode now

Join us and Marcus Child for episode nine on Wednesday 10 June: ‘Leading for resilience and resourcefulness post-COVID-19’

COVID-19 gives leaders a chance to nurture agility, develop entrepreneurial thinking, and reset the culture in their business.

It’s a moment to: role model the true values; find new high performers; and galvanise teams into new ways of working.

We can seize this opportunity to exemplify composure and lead with deliberate calmness, grace and kindness. If we serve our people, customers and communities well, we can win fresh levels of engagement and respect - foundations for better business in the medium and long term.

In this webinar, Marcus Child, award-winning speaker and keynote speaker at the IWFM Conference 2019, will urge leaders to adopt a reset mindset, sharing practical tactics on how to:

  • manage our state as leaders to achieve the role-modelling and decision-making that can change the tone and ultimately the game
  • apply FIRO-B principles of inclusion, control and openness to achieve a spirit of commitment, even when people are working remotely
  • enable and nurture a bright, positive, can-do soundtrack in our business, despite the external noise, fear and lack of composure
  • share some insights into how to promote Resilience. Resilience has five fibres which we can take practical steps to nurture in our culture.

Registration details will be available from Friday 5 June.

About ‘Navigating turbulent times’ webinar series

In these times of increasing disruption and uncertainty, how do workplace and facilities management professionals manage risks, maintain performance, overcome challenges, and come out the other side to push on and succeed?

'Navigating turbulent times' is IWFM’s new regular webinar series where a variety of expert guests delve into the global economy's greatest challenges, tackle your questions and concerns, and help to guide our profession through these stormy waters.

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