Linda Hausmanis




The Executive consists of employees of the Institute. The current makeup of the Executive is as follows: Chief Executive Officer (Executive Chair), Director of Insight, Head of Finance, and HR. 

The Executive meets regularly and implements the strategy for the Institute through the annual business plan. It works within the policies set by the Board, makes recommendations to the Board for enhancement of member benefits within reasonable business constraints, and represents member interests to the outside world. It is responsible for the day to day running and development of our affairs. 

The Executive is collectively accountable and answerable to the Board. They run and develop the Institute with reference to the Business Plan which is based on the approved Strategy agreed with the Board. They are empowered by the Board with authorities and mandates to enable them to implement the Business Plan and any changes thereto as agreed.


Committee members

The individual members of the Executive will be responsible for Institute business and activities as directed by the CEO.

Linda Hausmanis, CEO
Neil Everitt, Head of Strategy and Development
Jonathan NobbsDirector of Membership and Partnerships
Jenny Thomas, Director of Communications and Insight
Kate Pattinson, Head of Finance and Company Secretary

The full role and Terms of Reference of the Executive is detailed in the Board Regulations. For more information on our current Executive Directors go to our team