11 May 2022 12pm – 1.30pm Community Guernsey
WFMD 2022


We know that making small changes in our travelling habits can contribute towards our environment, our carbon footprint and our health and wellbeing. Join the IWFM Channel Islands Region for this World FM Day event where you’ll receive a whistle stop tour of the Better Journeys initiative currently launching in Guernsey followed by an opportunity to network with your peers.  

Our main speaker Mark Smith, Committee Member for Better Journeys will cover ‘Better Journey Days’, a ‘Health and Wellbeing Toolkit’ for organisations to use with employees and ‘Sustainable Travel Action Plans’, a process where organisations can:  

  • gather data on how it moves its people goods and services; how staff commute to their sites
  • assess how to make that more sustainable
  • develop and implement a plan
  • then monitor, report and celebrate success.

Organisations that have Sustainable Active Travel Plans in place will have better insights into their workforce, happier healthier staff and a smaller carbon footprint. 

We look forward to seeing you there!



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Mark Smith

Committee Member, Better Journeys

Mark Smith is a Relationship Manager for Barclays and Committee member for Better Journeys.

“I'm very conscious that the future we have created for our children and the damage that we have done to the planet needs us to take urgent action and we have a very small window to make a difference. My drive to live a more sustainable life for the benefit of my children, the island community and ultimately the planet led me to join the Better Journey Project.  My love of cycling and cars helps me to give balance to a debate, recognising that some car journeys are necessary and indeed enjoyed, but recognises that sometimes there's a better way of undertaking that journey. 

Although Guernsey is small and our impact on climate change is minimal, we can and should make a difference. The Better Journey project will help each of us to make our journey’s better, travelling more sustainably either by bike, bus, walking or car sharing will reduce traffic queues, free up parking spaces, make you healthier, improve your mental health and ultimately reduce your impact on climate change. I also believe Sustainable commuters shouldn't be seen as "in the way" but should be celebrated for making space on the roads and in our car parks for those of us that have to use our cars”

Relevant Experience 

  • Former President of Guernsey Velo Club
  • British Cycling Level 2 Coach
  • Cycling Commuter
  • MUG Ride Joint Founder